“Canal Palace”

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The “Canal Palace” located in Sumiyoshi, Kinsicho, Tokyo, has nurtured the local community for about 20 years, providing its residents with a rich lifestyle. This historic share house offers a comfortable living environment where traditional Japanese warmth and modern amenities blend together.

  1. Community-focused Living: Here, a cross-cultural community has been built where residents collaborate and grow together. Valuing interactions with peers from diverse backgrounds, new experiences and friendships emerge through joint activities and regular events. To foster exchange from a cross-cultural perspective, regular events and workshops are held, broadening the space for community interaction.
  2. Convenient Location: With excellent access to Kinshicho and Sumiyoshi stations, it’s smooth to reach major areas within Tokyo. The vicinity includes shopping streets, parks, cafes, etc., supporting a convenient lifestyle.
  3. Safe and Clean Environment: A safe and clean living environment is provided, with dedicated management staff regularly performing cleaning tasks. This supports the residents’ peace of mind and comfortable living.

“Canal Palace”: Offering a Life Rich in Experiences

These events are part of the unique experiences offered by Canal Palace. Would you like to share special moments at Canal Palace, where new encounters and discoveries await? Feel free to contact us for more detailed information or to schedule a viewing.

  1. Pizza and Beer Event: Enjoyed craft beer from Sado and homemade pizza in an event space equipped with a pizza oven.
  2. Language Study Group: Residents from different countries host study groups to learn each other’s native languages or new languages together.
  3. Yoga Lessons: Yoga lessons were conducted by an instructor from India.
  4. Coffee Brewing Workshop: A special workshop for coffee enthusiasts, where a barista traveling around Japan taught about brewing coffee and selecting beans.

Application and Residency: If you’re considering moving into “Canal Palace,” please contact us directly. We will promptly and courteously guide you based on availability and conditions.

  1. Starting Community Living: Once your residency is confirmed, your communal living experience at the share house begins. We encourage you to actively engage in greetings and communication with fellow residents and enjoy interactions with new friends.
  2. Participating in the Community: The share house is not just a living space but a community. The cooperation of residents is essential for the community’s operation. Participate in meetings and event planning to enrich our communal life.
  3. Assured Support: At “Canal Palace,” dedicated management staff are available 24/7 to ensure you live comfortably and securely. Please do not hesitate to consult us if you encounter any problems or have questions.