“Hide’s Table”

Date and Time: Every Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:30
Fee: 1,000 yen
To express your interest in participating, please click here and contact us.

Every Wednesday night, we host a dinner party with the aim of fostering “interaction”. The languages spoken can vary widely depending on the participants of the day, making it a lively gathering where Japanese, English, Chinese, and other languages are exchanged. The conversation flows from everyday trivial matters to discussions about domestic and international foods and drinks, and cultural differences, among various topics.

In addition to the participation fee, please bring one dish, dessert, or drink to share. You should prepare your own drinks. For instance, you might bring pickles you’ve made yourself, purchased sashimi or side dishes, or a bottle of wine that’s too much for one person to drink. Enjoy sharing and savoring these together with everyone.

“Hide,” the namesake of the gathering, is renowned for his culinary skills. His cooking, known for its good taste and creativity, has become so popular that he now works as a traveling chef in three locations in the Kanto area, in addition to his main profession. Hide plans to serve his creative cuisine at each event, using no chemical seasonings or trans fats, focusing on high-quality ingredients. His dishes are characterized by a wide variety of flavors and unexpected combinations of ingredients, ensuring that no two plates are ever the same. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend as often as you can to experience the unique culinary creations that Hide has to offer.

The participation fees collected are fully allocated towards Hide’s ingredient costs and research expenses, ensuring the continuation of providing delicious meals in the future.


Hide’s palate became refined at a young age, thanks to the fresh seafood caught during the “noon nets” fishing in the Seto Inland Sea. Starting from middle school, he began cooking, his eyes lighting up with dozens of complete freestyle dishes the moment he encountered high-quality ingredients like meat and vegetables. Coming from a background in European companies and incorporating experiences from extensive dining and drinking during business trips in Southeast Asia, Hide’s creations surpass traditional home-cooked meals in innovation, earning acclaim comparable to restaurant-level cuisine. Currently requested as a traveling chef across three locations in the Kanto area, Hide specializes in dishes that pair well with alcohol, using organic vegetables, seafood, and meat, along with unique ingredients like fresh pepper and cacao nibs. The oils and vinegars he chooses are organic, adding gentle yet pronounced accents to his beloved cuisine.

You are welcome to contact us on the day of the event if you’re interested. Please let us know.