Welcome to Canal Palace.

This is my address.

Postal code 135-0002

2-chōme-16-11, Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo , Japan

Google map

For Japanese135-0002東京都江東区住吉2


【Invitation to the Event】

Event Calendar Here

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm – Hide’s Table

【Surrounding Area Information】

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I’ve mainly listed places I’ve been to. If you have any recommendations or places you thought were good, please let me know.

【Instructions for Entering】

Introduction to the Entrance

The entrance is lock-free. Please make sure to close the door.

Please download the dedicated app from the following.

Upon entering, you will find it in this condition.

Please go up to 2nd floor, remove your shoes, and place them in the shoe cabinet.

The slippers are shared.

【About the Dining Kitchen】

The dining kitchen is on the 3rd floor. The light switch is located here. (Red Circle)

About the IH Cooking Heater

1 Hold the power button for 2 seconds
2 Press the POWER button once
3 Press the heat adjustment buttons (+, -) once