Hand-rolled Sushi Temaki Zushi Workshop in Tokyo

Overview We offer you a cooking workshop for hand-rolled sushi called “Temaki Sushi”, which is one of the most popular home party menus in Japan. This workshop lasts around 2 hours. This workshop will offer you not only the one-time experience but also useful tips how to make it so that you can make it by yourself in your place. Unlike Nigiri Sushi made by a sushi craftsman, Temaki Sushi doesn’t require any special skills to make, but still looks fancy and stunning. So that it is one of the best suitable menus for serving at a party in Japan. This workshop would be a good cooking practice for Japanese food lovers. Find out how to enjoy Temaki Sushi and make it again at your own party!


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Event Date :

22th April 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm
Price 5,500 → special offer 3,300 Yen

What’s Included

Temaki Zushi (around 8 to 10 pieces per person)
Two drinks
Japanese clear soup


Canal Palace Sumiyoshi キャナルパレス住吉
2-chōme-16-11 Sumiyoshi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0002, Japan

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We are waiting for guests at the venue.
Canal Palace 1F, 2-16-11 Sumiyoshi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0002
The venue is 1 min walk from B2 entrance of Sumiyoshi st, Metro Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line.
You can see the venue on the first floor of the building located at just behind a bicycle parking lot.

End point

This activity ends back at the meeting point.

What To Expect

We offer you a cooking workshop for hand-rolled sushi called “Temaki Sushi”, which is one of the most popular home party menus in Japan. This workshop lasts around 2 hours. The work shop starts with an explanation of how to prepare for Temaki Sushi including a demonstration of how to make Sumeshi (Vinegared sushi rice) , which is the most essential element for authentic Japanese sushi. The process of making it is super simple but there is a little trick. Let’s learn how to do it with us. After that let’s enjoy making your own Temaki Sushi. The biggest feature of Temaki Sushi is that you can make your sushi as you like, choosing your favorite fillings from a variety of low fish and vegetables. Also, we will show you how to make Japanese clear soup, which goes very well with Temaki Sushi.



I’m Mariko and I’m responsible for looking after guests at Canal Palace. My favourite things are food, travel and art. With my curiosity for food, I have tried many restaurants both in Japan and other countries, from street food to fancy restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide. Through food culture, I like to know the background of each country, such as history, climate, religion and so on. It’s one of the good ways to get to know each country deeply. As an Airbnb host for 5 years, I always enjoy eating and talking to other people. We would be happy to welcome you to Canal Palace. Let’s have fun with Japanese food here and tell us about your own food curiosities.

Hello, I’m Yoich, the person in charge of Canal Palace’s kitchen. I have 12 years career as a chef, including 8 years in Chinese cuisine, 2 years in a traditional Japanese cuisine. In addition, I have been challenging various kinds of other cuisines. Through out my entire career as a chef, I am proud that more than 95 percent of the people well received my meal. I am really good at making something with the leftovers in the fridge, always keeping in mind to prepare these with care and love. Also, I try new restaurants twice a week, keeping a list of recommendations across various kinds of food. With a warm and friendly smile, I will be happy to welcome you making your stay at Canal Palace even more enjoyable.